Not only will your Ad potentially be displayed(randomly) on ALL pages, but now also in BAMF SWAG's online shop! The Ad section itself will reload every "10 count"(according to HTML) or so, on every page within BAMF SWAG. Because this is the case, each section can have more than one Sponsor which will appear at random in such auto refresh. This means that even if someone clicks onto a page and your ad is NOT displayed, because it refreshes every "10 count", your ad may still become visible without any further clicks from the user.

Because we are looking for specific products and services to sponsor BAMF SWAG, to keep in theme with its attitude, here is a hint of company/product types we are looking for(some restrictions may apply): Restaurants, Sporting Good stores, Gyms, Pro Wrestling Companies/Training Schools/Dirt Sheet Scoop sites, Clubs/Bars, Entertainment Venues, Motorcross

Before applying, please take a look at any/all requirements
(applies to Ad Sections 1-3 located right beneath the navigation section of each page).

Guidelines/Terms of Service...

  • If you are submitting your own Ad Image to be used, the measurement MUST be 284 x 142, no exceptions. If you are choosing/trusting BAMF SWAG to design your Ad for you, this can be arranged upon request with a $20 creation fee.
  • Before said Ad(regardless of whether or not you or I am designing it) can be put into the cycle, the first and last month payment must be cleared, most likely done through PayPal. However, other arrangements can be made for payment types. Ultimately, the bottom line for this, is that the payment must be cleared before the image can be added to the randomizer. No free Ads.

    At the proper size, the image must be legible, despite potential font types you might use for the Logo/Name itself. Must be clear to read.

    Even if you are submitting for only one month of Service, for example, you're having a special promotion; the First+Last month payment will still be required. No exceptions.

    You must give 2 weeks prior notice to when you would like your Ad pulled from BAMF SWAG pages. If this is not accomplished, there will be an additional fee for early withdrawal(the fee will be minimal, but will be required before removal takes place).

    You may purchase more than one space to increase your odds of your ad being displayed, however, it will be added to the same Ad Section as your first one, to assure that every ad shown at any given time will be unique(no duplicates). Your monthly fee will simply increase in sizes multiplied by the number of identical ads you wish to add to the Ad Section you were assigned.

    While all applications will be considered, not all applications will be accepted. We want to make sure the ads/companies involved reflect the BAMF SWAG theme/attitude at least in part. In example, BAMF SWAG is NOT a great place for people to find ads for Huggies Diapers...not that there is anything wrong with the product...just, doesn't fit with the kinds of things you COULD/SHOULD find here at BAMF SWAG.

    Monthly Fees can be changed at any time, however, expressed information will be emailed to you in such event, giving you at least a 2 week notice before your next payment is due. You can in result cancel your membership at any time, should any change in price occur, but you will of course have 4-6 weeks of paid services left, since you already paid for your first and last month. However, this is optional for you and have the right to pull your own ad at anytime. No refunds will be issued however in this event.

    Upon application approval, you may set the date of when you would like your Ad to begin, however, the ending periods are the same across the board. The 1st Tuesday of every month will be when payments are due by. So no matter when your application goes through, your next payment will be due on the same day as any/all other applicants. If payment has not been received by this day of the month, your IMAGE/LINK info will be removed for up to 2 weeks, regardless of when your late payment is received.

    All payments must be cleared and processed before any business image add/removal can be accomplished.

    BAMF SWAG will not share your information with any other party. The only information that will be shared will be whatever is shown on the Ad image, as well as the URL to your site directly. Otherwise, no personal information is shared. Any business information they obtain, will otherwise NOT be by/from BAMF SWAG.

    In order to give every section as fair a chance as the rest, there will be no choosing. It will be done in numerical order from left to right when someone signs on to be a sponsor. In example. If Section 1 already has an Ad, the next sponsor will automatically be placed in Ad Section 2. BAMF SWAG will not fill any Ad Section with the bulk of ads and leave another Ad Section to be dominated by a fewer list of sponsors. First come, first assign. Placement will be determined by which section is next in line from receiving the previous sponsor added. This is fair.

    If your application is approved, upon receiving your confirmation email, you will then be directed to the appropriate page where you must make the money transfer to BAMF SWAG before your image can officially be added to the Ad Section. PayPal will be used to complete the transaction, however does not require that you have an account with PayPal to use its services.

By submitting the information below to BAMF SWAG, you hereby acknowledge that you have read and understand the terms of service written above, and are also aware that these regulations may change at any time.

Please copy and paste the text below into an outgoing email and please fill it out before submitting.

Name of Applicant:

What is the Business relationship the Applicant has with the applying company:

Name of Company:

Describe business type:

Physical Address of Company:

Phone Number:

Work Hours:

Company Website URL(if applies):

Expected range you plan to run your Ad Image(in months):