BAMF SWAG fully supports the never say die and never give up attitude. But if thatís not enough, to further creating the awareness needed to reach as many people in need as possible, BAMF SWAG has created a new line of designs with this very specific message in mind! No matter what youíre going through in life, thereís another way. Whether youíre troubled by addiction, or you feel suicidal, or if you cause self-bodily-harm or depression and/or anxiety, there are people who care. Your life matters and as such, BAMF SWAG is proud to present these new items to remind you and others of how precious your life truly is. Share them with your friends, buy them and wear proudlyĖeven if youíre not a sufferer yourself, itís important that everyone around you are aware. So please, spread the word as much as you can. Lives can depend on it! #TheBAMF

The following images are of the current #SemiColon lineup, debuting at random. You can find all of these designs in the BAMF SWAG store.