Mission Statement - To provide products the customers will Love showing off in their every day lives. To be versatile in types of apparel and otherwise, allowing products to be mix-and-matched as desired. To create original & modified designs to entertain & play with. To have fun during every process and respect every item purchased.

Credo - The level of perfection and attention to detail shall never be outweighed by cutting corners to make a quick dollar. Determination to the truth, pride in hard work and the abilities necesary to put out great products shall remain a constant in every bit of swag created.

Having said that, I want it to be clear that the intent of BAMF SWAG is NOT to offend anyone of either gender or of any race, or of any condition/s or of any religion/beliefs. BAMF SWAG has a dark sense of humor, but it's laughter we're after. We make light of serious situations because there's really only two options. Cry...or laugh. I don't know about you, but laughter sounds like the better option to me.

So again, we mean no one any harm with any of the content created by BAMF SWAG in any way. Our goal is that you enjoy our humor as well as when we take things seriously. Life's full of hardships, and here at bamfswag.net, the goal is just to have fun. So join the party. You're more than welcome. :) - #TheBAMF